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Coolest Homemade Fish Aquarium Costume

I saw Jorge Garcia from the show “Lost” on a talk show last year and he was wearing a fish bowl costume using a shower curtain. I then used my skills as a former Pre-K teacher and added my touch to make this Homemade Fish Aquarium Costume.

I got the box from the lost ‘n found from our local library. There was of course a opening for all the stuff that was in it. I cut out two side windows and placed clear wrap on them. I put a blue tablecloth to cover the box and cut the windows out and used black tape to trim it. I glued all the aquarium extras to the box. I placed a turtle, clown fish, starfish also in the box. I used fishing line and taped the fish “cat” toys up.

I found a fish mask online and colored it and used a strap from swimming goggles to finish the mask. I also added a light at the front top to add the glow of an aquarium and for his safety while trick or treating.

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