Coolest Homemade Female Mario and Luigi Costumes

Every year at Halloween, we see tons of Marios and Luigis, dressed mostly in store-bought costumes. This year my best friend and I decided to go as Homemade Female Mario and Luigi Costumes, the female versions of these game characters.

We tried to be as creative as we could with the costumes. The white shirts and white hats were purchased from Target and Walmart, respectively, and then dyed twice as once was not enough. The letters M and L were drawn on felt with glitter paint and then hand-sewn on the hats. Luckily, we found overalls at American Apparel, and all we had to do was replace the blue buttons with yellow ones. The gloves came from a costume shop.

The costumes required some effort, especially since we are amateurs, but we were a huge hit at Halloween parties.

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