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Coolest Homemade Female Buzz Lightyear Costume

I always want to be something unique for Halloween, so last year I came up with the idea of Buzz Lightyear. As a kid, Toystory was my favorite movie so I thought it would be fun to try it out. I took a look at his costume and came up with a female version, Luna Lightyear!

Complete with The Star Command Logo, inflatable jet pack and gloves! It was a year to remember, and winning a costume contest was great too! What I’m wearing is white sweatpants, a purple shirt and a white sportsbra that I embellished to look like it had a key pad and button to “open” the jet pack. I bought the gloves and jet pack at my local Halloween store.

My knee pads were homemade as well as the belt and necklace! I made the Star Command Logo out of Polymer clay! Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Female Buzz Lightyear Costume”

  1. My nieces are celebrating their birthday on Halloween and they are so obssessed with Toys Story 3 so they want to be Andy and Jessie and that left my 17 months old son to be Buzz lightyear. Which was no problem. But My sister get to dress up as a cow girl, easy for her. But me? How do I dress up like buzz’s mom??? What a conundrum! I was just going to wear a printed shirt, but you made gave such a great idea! Thank you! I don’t know how I’ll do it but I’ll let you know!

  2. Thanks everyone for your comments! If u want to know more about the costume write a question and i’ll be sure to answer it at some point!!

  3. I got them at a local Halloween store called Halloween Warehouse. It’s seasonal but they’re all over the place! i also saw the jet pack recently at a party store!

    Good luck!

  4. Hey!
    I might have to be buzz for a thing i have to do at my school and I want to spice it up like you did. I was originally going to buy a kids costume and cut of the pants and just used the top, but i feel like that might be an epic fail. So i might go with your sports bra idea (cause it’s brilliant). But i don’t know exactly how to design it. And i can’t really see the front of you costume since your arm is covering it. Is there a way you could post a pic of it so i can get an idea how to make mine? Thanks if you can.

  5. we are doing Toy Story as a theme for our family halloween party this year, using your idea for sure! We needed a “Buzz” for our group of Woody, Jessie, Sid, green army guy, the bear and an alien! This is perfect, basing my costume off it! Thank you for submitting!


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