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Coolest Homemade Fairy Princess Illusion Halloween Costume Idea

Making this homemade Fairy Princess illusion Halloween costume idea was tons of fun… We started with the mushroom which you will need white material, extra large wire wreath, suspenders, hot glue gun, puffy paint, craft batting/stuffing and a sewing machine (you also have to hand sew this costume as well).

First you measure your child’s circumference around the waist but make sure there is enough room for your child to walk, bend, sit and stoop. Then pin it and sew. Next take the wire wreath and start by laying it on top of the white material and stretch it over leaving room to stuff the interior with craft batting. Once you sew the material onto the wire wreath begin stuffing it to your liking (this is the top of the mushroom). Cut a hole on the top of the mushroom where your child will step into the costume through. Then attach by sewing the mushroom lid onto the stem of the costume.

Take Gold glitter puffy paint and make the circles on top of the mushroom and let dry. Once the paint is dry attach the suspenders two in the front and two in the back in order to hold it in place. We purchased a leotard at our local Once Upon a Child store which was used for a dance recital so it was already glitzy (check your thrift stores also for leotards). Next we bought tulle in blue and gold to match her leotard and tied them onto an elastic strap. We cut them in 12-inch strips.

To make the legs of the fairy you use knee high pantyhose and stuff them with the batting. At the back of the knee you add a stitch or two to make it look more like they are crossed (which also keeps them stable). We took black velvet material with gold trimming and sewed them onto the feet of the fake legs to appear like ballet slippers.

We also made our daughters wings out of metal hangers and black pantyhose. Stretch the pantyhose over the hangers and tie them together. You can add pretty much any design on the wings by using glittery puffy paint, feathers or whatever else your creative mind may choose. The wings can have endless possibilities. We did purchase her fairy ears from a Halloween costume store and used spirit glue to hold them in place.

Her hair is up in a high ponytail with each strand of her hair curled in a spiral with curling iron. We bought gold leaves and flowers and placed them strategically throughout her hair. Her headpiece was borrowed from a friend who loves renaissance fairs (it was cold on Halloween night so we purchased a black sweater to place over her leotard).

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