Cool Homemade Exorcist Costume

Everyone has always told me I look like Linda Blair so I decided to be the Exorcist.

I went to a local Halloween shop and bought face scabs, green paint, fake blood & greenish face paint. I also bought a nightgown and slippers.
I mixed the green paint with the fake blood to get a dark green color and stained the front of the nightgown to make it look like I threw up on it. My friend did my makeup; we glued the scabs on with spirit gum, applied the face paint and covered my face with bloody scabs. She also put dark circles under my eyes to make me look sick and tired. I tied strings around my wrists and put bloody scabs on my hands, arms and neck, to complete the look.

I didn’t have to do much with my hair because it almost perfectly matches Blair’s in the movie.

All in all, I got a great response for my homemade Exorcist costume.