Coolest DIY Exorcist Costume

My Homemade Exorcist Costume was inspired by the movie The Exorcist (1973).

My costume was actually pretty simple to make. First I watched the movie to make sure I got every little detail I could to make the costume as similar as possible. I purchased contacts online to really give my Exorcist costume the full effects of a demon.

I went to a local costume store and purchased my wig which I actually had to cut and shape myself. I also purchased fake scars for my face which I applied with body glue. I used my regular makeup to color my face and applied coverup to my lips as well to make them look chapped.

As for the clothes I purchased the nightgown from the Salvation Army and the slippers from a department store. To top it off I went to Halloween store and got myself some gross teeth and a cross which I carried upside down.

The reason this costume was so great and won me 1st place at my Halloween party was the fact that I came up with a very creative idea and made myself a puking device. I made this puking device out of a Syphon pump (the tube sticking out of my shirt) and Tupperware which I filled with margaritas and gave out vomit shots to my favorite costumes of the night.

The total amount of money I spent on this costume was around $100.00 but I later won half the money back at my party (yes, only $50 for 1st prize but it’s not the money that was important it was the title).

Good luck to all you costume makers!

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  1. This is a great costume. Love the detail !!! Must have taken hours to detail the face and the vomit shots were awesome. Got my vote !

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