Coolest Homemade Eric Cartman South Park Costume

I have wanted to be Eric Cartman for many Halloweens now, but until now have always grimaced at the amount of work it would take to do it “right”. Well I finally ponied up and made a Homemade Eric Cartman South Park Costume this year, and as advertised it took many, many hours. But it was all worth it! Now I have two Southpark costumes.

More photos can be found here…

The toughest part (surprisingly) was to make a nice round head. I ended up using paper mache followed by fiber glass (for resilience) to cover a fitness ball. The tough part was caused by temperature changes in my apartment causing the ball to expand and contract between layers. While this may seem ridiculous, the changes were enough to cause significant head aches (ha..pun). Holes were cut in the head at even intervals for the head band, and screen mesh (painted yellow), was glued over the holes. These are where I will see out.

After a light coat of spray glue, stretchy fleece material was stretched over the head and hot glued at the edges for extra strength. Used hot glue to attach the head to a cardboard box. Held up with duct tape suspenders on the inside. Plastic bags filled with foam peanuts were formed and a taped around the box. The eyes were cut and sanded out of rigid foam and covered with white fleece. Black material was cut and glued for the eyes mouth etc. Red fleece material was formed around the body and hot glued at the seems. Lots of hot glue!

Believe it or not I didn’t sew a stitch in this whole costume. Another advantage of this method is that I did not have to make any patterns. Just hold or tape the material in position, draw some lines, cut and glue. The glue was applied to the top of the fabric and flipped over to make a nice seam, the same way you would if you were to sew it. You can easily burn the skin off your fingers, so I wore latex gloves. The yellow gloves in the costume were made by cutting two pieces of fleece material, placing them face to face, with a seam made of hot glue, and then turning them inside out.