Coolest Homemade Emperor Zurg Costume

My son’s school was entering a Toy Story themed float in a local parade and he decided that he wanted to dress up as Emperor Zurg. After looking in shops and on eBay and not being able to find anything suitable we decided to have a go at making a Emperor Zurg Costume ourselves. Now, I am by no means creative at all but am prepared to have a go and with help from my wonderful husband the end result was pretty good, even if I do say so myself!

The head was made from a plastic household bucket with a cereal box cut up and glued on top to make the angled shape of his head, two holes cut out for my son’s eyes, so he could see where he was going and the horns from an old Viking helmet glued on the sides. We then screwed the Viking helmet to the inside of the bucked so it sat properly on my son’s head. Zurgs mouth and eyes were just made out of paper and stuck onto the head.

The top half of the body was an old keep fit mat cut to shape with a hole cut in the centre to put his head through, off cuts of the mat were stuck on the front to make the chest stick out then covered in the same purple fabric with some ribbon attached to secure it under the arms. The bottom part was just more of the purple fabric cut into a rectangle and secured at the back with Velcro with an old black scarf wrapped around his waist. We made cuffs from cereal boxes covered in tin foil then a pair of purple gloves, a vampire cape and a ‘Z’ badge, made from cardboard and secured with a safety pin completed the costume.

We had lots of great comments about the Emperor Zurg Costume and my son was over the moon that he was the only Zurg in the parade!

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