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Coolest Homemade Emmy Award Costume

I was inspired to create an Emmy Award Costume after the awards last year. It was a costume I had never seen on anyone, so I immediately took up the challenge. I dress I scored from a Goodwill, in the nightgown section. I sewed some improvements to make the dress like the one on the Emmy. The hair was the hardest challenge. I bought yards and yards of gold ribbon on sale from last years Christmas, and pieced it together piece by piece on a wig cap…using only hot glue, and my hands to curl the wire in the ribbons.

I sewed a pattern for the wings that I made myself and stuffed them. I fashioned a harness out of old belts, and plumping pipes to go under my dress. The cool thing about the wings is that they are free flowing. They move when I walked. It’s because I attached a rod to each individual wing, and just sat it in the pipes strapped to by back.

My entire body is painted with this gold makeup I found at a theatrical costume store, it’s very lightweight, and pretty difficult to get off, but it turned out beautifully. I covered my entire face, my legs, and arms and had about an hour long shower after the night. I had to have someone help me wash it off.

I made the ball I’m holding from several gold rings I found at a thrift store, and foam balls from a craft store that I spray painted gold. I designed it so that it was collapsible, and easy to take around with me. The public was amazed by my creation, and I was constantly asked to take pictures with.

I thought it was a big win for me in the home made costumes….and I LOVED making it.

Homemade Emmy Award Costume

Homemade Emmy Award Costume

Homemade Emmy Award Costume

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