I’ve wanted to be Doug and Skeeter for awhile and finally found somebody this year that wanted to do it with me. I’ve seen a couple of Dougs around the years but never with a Skeeter. We decided to make the Doug costume his alter ego Quailman. The majority of the things needed for the homemade Doug and Skeeter couple Halloween costume idea I either got at the thrift store or Wal-Mart.

For Quailman I bought 2 yards of red fabric for the cape and the Q on the vest. I found the sweater vest and the belt at the thrift store, and had the shorts, tee, and underwear already. Skeeter was a little more difficult. I had to buy 2 yards of yellow fleece to make the sweatpants and lightning bolt because it is impossible to find yellow sweatpants.

I made the red knee pads from the same fabric from Quailman’s cape. Good luck finding the right color blue for skeeter. I went with a generic blue from a Halloween store. Last but not least red Chuck Taylors to finish the costume.

Got a lot of compliments on how spot on these costumes were.