My son wanted to have a dinosaur themed 5th birthday party. So we looked for dinosaur costumes but his birthday is in March so we didn’t find much. I decided to make him a homemade dinosaur costume myself.

I started with a funky green fabric that had dots raised all over it. I basically sewed a body suit with a zipper in the front. Then I made a huge tail and attached it from the back of the neck to the butt of the body suit. I stuffed the tail and spikes with pillow fluff from the craft store.

For the head I made sort of a hood that I tucked into the body suit. I sewed little felt triangles for teeth to the hood. I then painted eyes onto large buttons and sewed those on (although after I realized I could have used googly eyes).

This homemade dinosaur costume was a huge hit and he is wearing it for Halloween this year as well. I’m attaching a fishing line from the tip of the tail to the top back of the body suit (so it holds it up for him and then he can walk around outside without dirtying the tail).