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Coolest Homemade Day of the Dead Costume

Where do I begin? I wanted a costume that was creative, yet meaningful, and I also wanted to grab enough attention to win a contest……..and that’s what we did!

As my husband is Mexican, this homemade Day of the Dead costume was appealing to him, which was great since he wasn’t really interested in Halloween in the first place. I really needed him on board, couples costumes are much more fun. So once we got our idea together, Day of the Dead Revolutionary Calaveras (skeletons), we started looking for all the materials.

We bought the skeleton gloves and leggings for myself, 2 plastic bullet belts, the makeup, the rifles and the sombrero at a Halloween store; luckily I saved a real bullet belt that someone gave me in the 90’s and used that on my waist. My outfit was a combination of clothes I borrowed or had, and my husband’s was bought from a local thrift store, except the boots, fortunately we had those already. That was the easy part…..then came the makeup.

We did this costume last year and it was successful except for the fact that we took so long on the makeup, we actually missed the contest :(, this year however we changed the makeup to cream instead of liquid, and it seemed to go a lot faster. We made it on time to our destination, and out of about 30 other contestants, we got 1st place!

Homemade Day of the Dead Costume

Homemade Day of the Dead Costume

Homemade Day of the Dead Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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