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Coolest Homemade Cupcake Couple Costume

My friend Ashley and I are OBSESSED with cupcakes! It all started back in the summer with her candy land themed birthday. Her birthday being in June she had a candy adventure with a cupcake cake! My birthday followed close behind in July with another cupcake cake. It became quite apparent after purchasing matching juicy cupcake charm bracelets, and what we called our “friendship” cupcake key chains that cupcakes had quickly became a huge part of our personalities!

With Halloween approaching fast we hadn’t decided what we were going to be, but it seemed only fitting to make a Homemade Cupcake Couple Costume. 10 poster boards, 2 wreath rings, 4 yards of fabric(2 light pink, 2 bubblegum pink), 1 bag of poms, 1 box of nuddles, 2 hot pink wigs, tons of glitter, and 20 yards of ruffles later we were two brightly decorated cupcakes!

This costume took about 9 hours to make from start to finish beginning with folding the poster boards into accordions, and inserting the ring around the base to bring it in. We then attached the ruffles 2 yards each strap onto the top of the cup to hold it up, and pinned the bottom of the fabric to the base. When it came time to put the costumes on we tucked the remaining fabric into the tops of our shirts to hold it up, glued the poms and nuddles onto the fabric and put on our wigs, in total we wrapped about 8yards of ruffle around our arms as icing and we have to give credit to Sphere for doing such an amazing job on our makeup.

Becoming a cupcake was easily the best Halloween costume we’ve ever developed!

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