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Sweet Cupcake Homemade Costume

My daughter asked to be a Cupcake Costume for Halloween after seeing one in a catalog. But spending $60+ dollars on a felt outfit wasn’t going to happen. I told her I thought I could make one that I thought would be much cuter, and only she would have it, momma would make it especially for her! The hardest part was coming up with the idea for the cupcake paper.

I decided on a lampshade, because of its “crinkled” surface resembling cupcake paper. It needed to be big enough for a 4 year old to stand in, so the search was on. I ended up finding one at Goodwill. I had to turn it upside down, so the big part was on top. To make sure she was able to walk, I had to cut down the length, so she could move her legs and step up and down porch steps. Once cut, I then retaped the entire bottom of the shade and it was ready to be spraying painted dark brown.

I made suspenders out of ribbon and attached them to the shade. The suspenders had to be very secure, as it was going to hold a lot of the weight of the icing. The icing was made of three separate layers, or tubes, of pink felt. I hand sewed the tubes together to form the layers of pink icing. I then had my daughter put it on, and I continued sewing, leaving only armholes for her. The weight was then being carried by her, and the lampshade. I used pink sponge curlers, which I spray painted red, to be the sprinkles. I hot glued the sprinkles to the icing.

Finally, I topped the cupcake with a cherry. I used a foam ball; spray painted it red, added a pipe cleaner “stem” (spray painted dark brown) and affixed it to a red headband. It was a labor of love, but she loves it and I think she looks good enough to eat!

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