The Crazy Cat Lady costume was very easy to put together. Half of the costume was just old clothing that I was willing to sacrifice for the outfit. I used two old cotton long sleeved crew neck shirts layered for warmth (it gets really chilly in New England at this time of year) and a pair of sweatpants. The clothing was randomly slashed with sharp scissors, and I distressed the holes a bit for a worn-in look. I used brown makeup to “dirty” the clothes and did the same to my face to achieve a grubby effect.

I brushed my hair upside down and sprayed it with Got2b Glued Spiking Freeze Spray.

The cats are small Beanie Baby style plush animals that were safety-pinned to the shirt and pants. I held one of the kitties and walked around Salem, Mass. all night petting it as dementedly as I could.