These Crayola Crayon costumes were made entirely by 3 university students.

We borrowed a sewing machine from friends of ours and made 3 dresses in different colours. We then bought black felt and cut out strips to create the squiggles. We cut out an oval and cut the crayola sign out of it. We glued on the felt with fabric glue, added Velcro at the top to keep it together and put elastic along the top.

To add to the effects, we glued material onto a party hat to create the tip of the crayon. Throughout the night we got many compliments and everyone loved our costumes. We won the Best Costumes contest at our Halloween party. When people asked us where our other crayons were, we said we were the package of 3 you get at the restaurant with the kids colouring menus.

If you have any questions about how this was done, feel free to comment on this photo and I will hopefully get back to you as soon as I can.