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Coolest DIY Claw Machine Costume Idea

Here’s another good Halloween costume, a Homemade Claw Machine Halloween Costume
which is fun and easy to make.

All the items you will need are some big cardboard boxes, some duck tape, a load of teddy bears, some fake money notes and rubber bands. Also some lightweight see-through plastic and some silver foil cardboard for the inside.
You will need decorations for the outside and you will also need a joystick and some wire and a gripping claw and paint for the outside and a clown suite.

Now the making of the Arcade teddy bear Claw Machine Halloween Costume.

Cut out 3 big windows, one at the front and one
at each side. Now make a small size box for the coin slat making sure it’s the right size for a joystick to go on top. Ducktape the small coin box with joystick to the front of machine.
Then add the silver foil cardboard to the inside of box using tape. Use some silver foil cardboard with a hole in the center for the head to pops through. Duck tape that bit well up and add to
handle for the person to carry.

Now paint and add decorations outside when all is dry. Cut the lightweight see-through plastic for the window to size and duck tape it on in the inside. Now make a roof with cardboard and add the wire and claw. Put the fake money note to the teddy bears with the rubber bands then put inside machine.

Now put the person with the clown suite inside
and your all done. I hope you have fun making this costume, I sure did.

Happy Halloween 2009.

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