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Homemade Claw Machine Halloween Costume

For Halloween this year, I wanted to be something funny, so I started looking at ideas online and saw a Claw machine. I found a box, and we measured out three sides for the windows. After cutting them out we used plastic paper to cover them, you can find it at Joann fabrics and then we used silver paper for the back, and tact paper for the outside of the machine.

We then found a joystick and button and added them on. The claw is homemade. It actually moves up and down, and we simply added a fishing reel to make that happen. We used battery operated lights to light it up. The animals are glued to the black fabric that has a hole cut out for my head.

The box is kind of heavy so the hardest part was trying to figure out to how to make it lighter. We used tarp straps and it really helped the situation. That’s how its floating on my shoulders.

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