Coolest Homemade Classic Werewolf Costume

This Homemade Classic Warewolf Costume was made for my 2 yr old son Dillon, it was a last minute idea which seemed to work perfect for my lil’guy. Just put together some homemade denim pants, frayed the bottoms a little, added a couple of jagged holes on the legs paired up with a flannel checkered shirt.

I made his ears out of some brown fur fabric I found at my local fabric store, cut slits in them and slipped them over his ears. The rest is just some Halloween make-up topped off with a hair sprayed hair do!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Classic Werewolf Costume”

  1. Very cool! I wanted to paint my son face but,he just wanted to wear a mask instead. It looks more realistic with make-up and a few pieces of hair. Love it!!

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