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Coolest Homemade Classic Mr. T Costume

I’ve been planning this Homemade Classic Mr. T Costume for about 6 months, and made sure to try and get the look down perfect. Despite the must items: haircut, and jewelry, I think the feather earrings and overalls put it over the top.

It was easy to put together. I just used old overalls from a thrift store, gold beaded garland leftover from last Christmas, feathers I bought from Michael’s, and clip on earrings. I also my old plaid shirt, but you can use a tank top, or camo shirt if you like. To make it appear like I had gold bracelets, I used extra beaded garland, and used my friends old “Big Daddy” multi finger ring. Use whatever boots you have or sneakers, and make sure you have knee high socks.

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