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Coolest Homemade Circus Clown Costume

Materials needed:

Bright-colored fabric ($2)
White long-sleeved t-shirt ($3)
Fabric spray paint ($7)
Clown wig ($3)
Yarn pompoms ($1)

This year our theme was “Circus.” Our son wanted to be the clown. We found many costumes online but I didn’t want a “store bought” look so we came up with this Homemade Circus Clown Costume. I never use patterns so I just laid out the fabric, laid him on top of it and traced around his body. I made the pants extra baggy so he’d be comfortable and “clowny.” I sewed a simple jumpsuit design. I used some extra fabric to make a simple hat. It’s a very easy triangle shape that I bobby-pinned to his wig.

The shirt was so fun to make. We cut circle “stencils” out of a piece of cardboard and used that to form the circle shapes on the shirt. We chose fluorescent fabric paint colors to match the overalls. We just sprayed a random “bubble” design to compliment the colors in the suit. It took a while to dry but turned out great.

The handmade pompoms on his shoes are made out of yarn and we secured them to his shoes so they wouldn’t fall off while he trick-or-treated. We ended up buying a yellow wig and did minimal face painting on his cheeks and nose.

He looked so cute and he loved his costume.

TOTAL TIME: 3 hours

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