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Coolest Homemade Cinderella Custume

This is my version of a Cinderella costume. I made it for a convention. I went there with my friends, so all together we were Cinderella, Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland, Sally from ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ and Peter Pan.

For my homemade Cinderella costume I bought some satin fabric in blue and white – 4 meter of the blue one and 2 meter of the white one. I also bought a 60 cm zipper for the back. First I started with the top of the dress, then the skirt and in the end the puffed sleeves.

I bought some white gloves and a blond wig. I styled the wig, made the necklace and made the hairband. I put some Swarovki stones on the hairband, the gloves and the dress to make it look more Disney like.

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