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Coolest Homemade Chinese Take Out Costume

First, I have to give credit to my friend who came up with the idea to go as “leftovers in foil shaped like a swan” for giving me the inspiration for a food costume idea. I thought it was a funny and original idea and started to think about what I could be related to food. After some time, I thought: “what is more Chinese than Chinese take out” so I started planing my Homemade Chinese Take Out Costume.

Having completed some research on Chinese take out boxes, I found a proper cardboard box, cut and shaped it to size, covered it in white Bristol board, drew the picture of a pagoda on the front, added a neck strap I made to the box, and shaped a metal lawn sign holder to be the handle.

To finish it off, I bought individually wrapped fortune cookies in bulk (400 in the box) to hand out to people at the party we went to.

The costume was a great conversation starter and people love getting fortune cookies! (Hopefully the tights I borrowed from my friend added more to the costume than it took away!)

Chinese Food Costume

Chinese Food Costume

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  1. I had just finished installing some new appliances in the kitchen so there were a lot of boxes to choose from. This box was from the range hood and just happened to be the right size!


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