This is Isabelle, and she grins just as cute as the Cheshire Cat in the movie. Her sister was Alice, so we figured this was only fitting for her to be the Cheshire Cat. She loved it, her little tail was dragging on the ground.

This Homemade Cheshire Cat Halloween Toddler Costume was my first sewing project, and relatively easy. I bought the pattern set at Walmart for the pumpkin/ladybug/bumble bee costume, made a few changes and viola! Cheshire Cat here we are! I designed her ears and tail all on my own, into the wee hours of the morning as my creativity was flowing. I had fun making her costume, and her sister’s, and I will be creating costumes for every Halloween if I have the option to. I love that I can show my daughters how much I love them in this way, and I am glad that they can make people smile when they are wearing their costumes, for that is what life is about, and not the gory, gross Halloween costumes and things that are out there.