Coolest Homemade Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Our costumes are based on the Alice In Wonderland characters the Mad Hatter from the second movie and the Cheshire Cat from the first.

For the Cheshire Cat we used face-paint and eyeshadows for the face makeup, and canned hair sprays for the hair. We cut up an old tshirt to represent the cats stripes.

For the Mad Hatter we used face paint and mostly eye shadows on the face makeup, bought green colored eye contacts and glued an orange wig inside the top hat. We made the sash out of thread spools and weaved them together with ribbons. The pants are just old dress pants laying around the house. The bow is made out of 2 pieces of fabric sewed together, and the jacket it from an old thrift store. The scarf out of the pocket is just a ripped piece of fabric found in the basement. We took the movie cover with us everywhere we went while trying to put our costumes together making sure the Mad Hatter’s outfit was dead on.