Cool Catwoman Homemade Costume

I am a cat lover so I had to have a Catwoman Costume for Halloween at least once in my life. There are many variations of Catwoman’s costume. Michelle Pfeiffer’s makeup and Halle Berry’s costume inspired me the most to create my own version.

I already had black liquid leggings, black boots, a black bra, and black belts at home. I did not want to cut up my leggings (because I still regularly wear them) so I left out the tears that were on Halle’s costume. The mask I bought and cut the eye holes bigger. The gloves I also bought and painted the nails silver with silver nail polish. I used black eye shadow and black eye liner on my eyes and red lipstick on my lips. Catwoman also uses a variety of weapons so I chose the cat-o-nine-tails, which I also bought.

The costume was cheap to make, and I had a blast being Catwoman for a night.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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