Coolest Homemade Catdog Costume

So, me and my roommate decided we really wanted to be catdog for Halloween, but we couldn’t figure out how to do a Homemade Catdog Costume. We saw a suggestion about using a body pillow which we luckily had one lying around.

We went out and bought fabric. We cut the light brown fabric to fit it around the pillow and tied it at the bottom, then with each end we left enough fabric to create a sort of poncho to put around our body. Then we added dark brown dots for the spots. We used model magic to make our noses and headbands with extra fabric for our ears! It turned out absolutely great! And don’t worry we could take the poncho off in case one of us had to pee, otherwise we were together all night!

8 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Catdog Costume”

  1. me and my friend are trying to make this costume but we don’t understand how to connect the body pillow to our backs! how did you guys do it?

  2. we kept the fabric that tied around the body pillow extra long on both sides. after we fastened the pillow in place by tying tons of tiny knots we picked up the pillow and both of us stood about how far we would want to be from each other. then we cut 2 holes for our heads. From there we cut arms holes. we cut the rest of the fabric off but left a strap to fasten around our waists to support the pillow!

  3. Is is a cartoon about a catdog… like twins attached, it had one body with a cat at one end and a dog at the other end

  4. LOVE the costume! Could u please give detail on how u put this together? I’m having a hard time seeing how everything connected

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