My friends and I wanted a group theme this Halloween. We brainstormed for a while and came up with the idea of dressing in Cast of Toy Story homemade costumes.

From left to right are:
– the piggy bank. This consisted of a pink outfit, pale pink face paint, pig ears, nose and tail and a big coin made out of cardboard.
– army men. They wore camouflage clothes, green face paint and army hats.
– Mr. Potato Head. His costume was Velcro and we could remove the eyes, mouth, nose and eyebrows. He had a pocket in his costume with different eyes and noses so he could switch them when desired.
– Etcha Sketch. This costume consisted of a marker that you could. The costume was entirely made of cardboard and was 3D.
– the Slinky. He is difficult to see in the picture. He had a dryer vent attached to his back to make him look like a slinky and wore a dog suit.
– Little Bo Peep
– Buzz Light year
– Jesse
– Woody. He wore a white cloth vest with a black velvet spot placed on it, red hankerchief and a cowboy hat.
– Tour guide Barbie.

We spent a lot of time organizing who was who and were happy with how everything turned out. We had a lot of fun going down State street in Madison, Wisconsin, with our costumes on.