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Coolest Homemade Care Bears Group Costume

As I’m sure everyone else has experienced, my buddies and I grew sick of buying expensive costumes made of cheap fabric that ended up a) falling apart by the end of the night, and b) being worn by someone else at whatever Halloween part we attended.

We decided to be original and came up with this Homemade Care Bears Group Costume which was a TOTAL hit.

Construction was relatively simple. Just bought plain colored t-shirts, felt fabric, felt shapes, etc. from the arts and craft store. We then made a couple of stops around town to find the matching pants (cheap pajama/sweat pants were not expensive). We did have to go to the Halloween store for the mouse ears but they were only $3-$4 apiece.

We cut big pieces of white felt in the shape of an oval and hot glued them to the shirts. The colorful shapes were all made from felt-arts and craft stores have a TON of different shapes (fun for the kids to decorate) feel free to cut sheets of felt in whatever shape you’d like!

The ears were made with felt and some mouse ears (the kind with the headband that goes over your head), you simply cut the desired shape with the felt and then staple (or glue) them to the mouse ears and…VOILA, YOU’RE A CARE BEAR!

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3 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Care Bears Group Costume”

  1. me and my friends did it and it was AMAZING!
    we were gonna be fish (which was a TERRIBLE idea) and right before Halloween I found this and it saved us…IT WAS GENIUS


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