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Coolest Homemade Camper’s Nightmare Costume

A Camper’s Worst Nightmare …

While searching the internet for inspiration, my son and I came across a pre-made “The Bugs are Biting “costume. This got us started on our Homemade Camper’s Nightmare Costume. Different plastic bugs were purchased at various stores and the jeans and shirt were picked up at a local thrift store.

We then hot-glued flesh-colored felt to the underside of the shirt and jeans to give the impression that the bugs had bitten through to his skin. Red puffy paint was added to give the illusion of blood. I removed the sticky tape from fly strips and glued yellow paper to the original packaging. Ant traps were glued into the pockets. We also picked up some bullet hole latex props that were cut down and placed on his face.

My son decided that he did not like that title “the bugs are biting” and felt that “Camper’s Nightmare costume” would be more appropriate!

Materials purchased approx: $15, time spent putting together: 2 hours and his enjoyment wearing it: priceless.

Campers Nightmare Costume

Campers Nightmare Costume

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