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Coolest Homemade Cabbage Patch Baby Costume

This is Elyse in her Homemade Cabbage Patch Baby Costume. She is still so little I knew she would be in her stroller when we went out with her sister. I thought of putting the box right over the stroller. So all she has to really wear is a cute outfit. She is a preemie also so I did not want a lot of people touching her. I also thought if it is chilly or windy that night she would be covered. She seems to enjoy it.

She never usually sits in that part of the stroller so maybe that’s why. I just used a box and spray painted it. I printed out different pictures of Cabbage patch kids. I also photoshoped her name onto the birth certificate that I put inside it. I also put in a green sheet for the back of the box. The stroller handle is coming out the back so we just have to push.

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