My family decided to have a party to see the new year in and the theme was film characters. Its a pretty wide theme so there was lots of options to go for but I decided to attempt a Buzz Lightyear costume.

Most of the outfit was built from cardboard I salvaged from work. It was rather tricky trying to manipulate stiff cardboard to bend and make the round shape, with the help of lots and lots of hot glue gun, and lots of burns!

I built the arms, legs and body as separate sections and them attached them all to a one piece boiler suit. The hood of the boiler suit made for a perfect head cover thing he buzz wears lol!

The wings are retractable and have flashing lights on the end of each one (just bought flashing bicycle wheel caps). For the face I just got an cheap plain white mask and stuck a print of Buzz’z face on.

I ran out of time to get the dome done but had a idea of getting the top of an old gumball machine and attaching it.

The party was brilliant and everyone had a great time. Everyone loved the costume but the best bit was walking to the venue, I felt like a celeb, everyone stopping me for photos!