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Coolest Homemade Bugles Halloween Costume

My son always wants an original costume. We don’t have a lot of money to spend on costumes, so he picks some random object that he sees and we make it into a costume. We try to use stuff we already have at home. We have made it a challenge every year for our two older boys to come up with the best costume between the two of them. Sometimes they get together to make corresponding costumes.

We got some felt material, stitched it together leaving an opening for the legs, head, and arms. Then cut out some yellow felt, painted lines on them, and glued them on the red felt. We painted the Buggles logo on the front, and used horn of plenty for his hat. He just wore a shirt and football pants underneath for warmth.

Since this Homemade Bugles Halloween Costume is not scary or too complex, he could wear it to a party, school or anywhere without offending. It made for a easy to move in costume. He won 2 costume contests in this costume so far, one at church and one at a friend’s party. Halloween isn’t even for another few days. Can’t wait to see what happens on Halloween!

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