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Coolest Homemade Brewing Witch’s Caulderon Costume

The Homemade Brewing Witch’s Caulderon Costume is a witch brewing me in her cauldron. I bought a witches mask from a store and the black witches gown. I bought a cheap backpack and cut off the one side. I duck taped 4 cardboard poles together (from the inside of wrapping paper) to make the witches frame and attached that to the back pack (I liked using the cardboard poles because they weren’t very heavy on my back).

I cut a big hole inside the middle of the witches gown which I used to get into the costume and strapped the backpack to me. I cut the cauldron in half and put two slits into the sides of the cauldron. I attached myself to the cauldron with a belt and a single black strap. I then cut off the back of a tshirt to hide the backpack straps and wore that. So that it would hold up better I attached a black strap at the front of the cauldron and wore it around my neck.

In order to make the cauldron look like it was bubbling over I bought foam insulator and neon colour paint from the Dollar store. I cut out the shape of the cauldron with cardboard (with holes for the fake legs and for my body) and placed tin foil over the cardboard. I attached a bunch of Styrofoam balls to the tin foil. I also attached some battery powered lights to the tin foil. Then I sprayed the foam insulator to make the appearance of the cauldron bubbling over. The lights gave it a really cool affect in darker rooms!

Before the insulator dried (it takes about two hours), I attached a bunch of eye balls and insects to the insulator (from the Dollar store)! Once the insulator dried I used the neon green and purple paint to cover the foam insulator (make sure you don’t paint over the insects/eye balls)!

I cut holes into the front of the cauldron in order to attach the legs to it. I used pins to attach the shoes. Also I used duck tape to attach the arms and hands of the witch(which had witches gloves) to the sides of the cauldron.

Since I had a bunch of eye balls in the cauldron I decided to buy a patch and some fake blood to cover one eye to make it look like she stole my eye ball! This was a last minute addition!

As a suggestion I would not wear a black tshirt, if you wear a brighter colour you can really distinguish yourself from the witch (even in the dark!)

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