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Coolest Homemade Bobble Head Monster Costume

My 4 year old son decided that he wanted a Homemade Bobble Head Monster Costume. We have always made our costumes. I looked at my husband and said good luck figuring this one out. Well things went great after we put our minds together and went through the Halloween items we had on hand.

We had an old crypt creepers outfit with hockey shoulder pads underneath, great affect so that he looked taller than he was. On to figuring out the bobble affect of the head, we took a kid’s bike helmet, covered it with a black invisible mask and put it over the helmet. Had a skull, drilled a hole in the bottom and then took and old bed spring twisted it up inside the skull and attached it to the top of the helmet with those wonderful ties that come from kids toys, knew they had another use.

Added some grey gauze to give it some extra scary flare. The hands were monster gloves that we stuffed with ripped up Walmart bags to make sure the fingers were sturdy his hands were not big enough to support them alone. He won two costume contest for his age group with this one. When he walked the head bobbled just right it was so funny to watch.

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