The title, Homemade Black Jack Dealer and Cocktail Waitress Costumes, says it all. You can walk up to the table to play a few hands by throwing down $1.00 to $5.00 and get real chips. If you’d like a drink you can just ask the cocktail waitress who is standing near by. If you are not playing at the table, the waitress will be more reluctant to serve you. User beware! If you lose your money, I am not to be held responsible! Must be 21 to play.

We bought a mini black jack table from a toy store, took it apart to make two halves and then used two guitar straps and bolted them to the bottom of one the halves of the platform. The rest of the costume we had lying around the house. This costume set up back 20.00 MAX.

We took first price at two different Halloween Costume parties. The dealer actually made some money too!