Coolest Homemade Beheaded Marie Antoinette Costume

This Beheaded Marie Antoinette Halloween costume had, I discovered, already been done by others. There were plenty of ideas/photos posted online, but I wanted to take it a few steps further. I watched numerous tutorials and researched photos online to come up with the final product.

The shoulders were formed from clay. The clay was then covered in plaster of Paris to create a negative mold. I used insulation foam from an aerosol can to fill in the mold and create a positive final result. Acrylic paints finished off the foam shoulders, which were attached to doll rods that were hooked to a back pack underneath the dress skirt. I wore the backpack and had full mobility of my arms underneath.

The dress was created from fabric and lace, purchased at Wal-Mart. I researched online to find ideas for the style of dress that would suit the time period. I bought the opera style gloves from a costume shop and filled them with polyfill to bulk them up and used floral wire to pose the fingers. I then stitched the fingers into place.

As for my face, I used liquid latex, cotton balls, and tissue paper to create the effect of mummified, rotting flesh. The skull exposure is created by using a piece of white cleaning bottle. I used Halloween cream make-up, once again purchased at Wal-Mart, to bring the undead face to life. Also, some acrylic paint was used for blood.

My hair is the real deal. I sprayed it with the coloring hair spray that is available in stores at Halloween. I used a barrel curling iron for the curls at the side. I purchased a few large fluffy feathers and voila the undead headless Marie Antoinette rose from the grave for Halloween!

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