Coolest Homemade Beetlejuice Costume

For our Halloween Party I made my own Homemade Beetlejuice Costume. I decided to go for Beetlejuice because I grew up loving that movie and figured I could pull it off. I looked online and got some movie photos and then went to Goodwill.

I started with a old white suit that was on sale for 14 dollars, the clerk ended up taking 50% off on the spot and sold the thing to me for $7! I didn’t tell her I was going to use it for a costume.

I then took tape and taped off the stripes and collar using the photos from the movie as a rough guide. After this, I spray painted the whole thing black. This was tough because the material soaks up the paint so I had to do a 2nd coat.

I did this about 2 weeks early because I didn’t want the fumes to linger — after a few weeks of hanging on the hanger and letting the wind blow through it wasn’t noticeable.

When I pulled the tape it looked kind of rough, but this helped with the corpse look. I then just used an old white shirt, black tie, and black boots. We picked up a crazy white wig for a few dollars and then the makeup was a ‘best effort’ to look like the movie.

I am very pleased with the finished product!

Homemade Beetlejuice Costume

Homemade Beetlejuice Costume

Homemade Beetlejuice Costume