Coolest Homemade Batman Monster Truck Costume

My 2 year old son has become obsessed with Monster Jam trucks in the last few months and so I decided that for Halloween this year he should be his favorite Monster truck which is Batman.

To make the Homemade Batman Monster Truck Costume the following materials are needed:
1 — Hot wheel monster truck for reference
1 –7 cubic foot freezer box
4 — 5/16″ cut washers
4 — 3/8″ push washers
1 — 3/8″ dowel rod
1 — black A-shirt
6 — paint stirring sticks
utility knife
chalk board paint
black and silver duct tape
logos downloaded from the internet

I measured the hot wheel monster truck, then scaled the size to fit onto the side of the freezer box. After hand drawing the shape on the sides, they were cut out with the utility knife. Once all pieces were cut from the cardboard, they were painted with the chalkboard paint. Once the pieces were painted, they were taped together. After taping, the dowel rod was cut to form the axles. Once the truck was constructed any areas that needed touch up paint were painted again (the chalkboard paint covers the silver duct tape really well). The A-shirt was split up the sides and taped into the center. Logos were printed and glued onto the sides.

The Batman monster truck is born.

Batman Monster Truck Costume

Batman Monster Truck Costume

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