Coolest Homemade Baby Jack in the Box Costume

This is our first costume for our youngest, Jack. We’ve set a theme of costumes with Jack in the name and intend to stick with it until he’s old enough to throw a fit. I hope the tantrums come soon, because I’m running out of ideas. The only idea I have left is, well, a nickname for donkey that I usually use on drivers who cut me off.

I was admittedly pressed for time on this, so it’s not fancy, but I thought it was a fun and convenient concept so I wanted to share it.

Here’s how I created the homemade baby Jack in the box costume:

I cut a box in half, removed the top and bottom flaps, attached it to our baby carrier (who loves duct tape?) and ‘ta-da': Jack in the Box. A little construction paper and glue (I was pressed on time AND cheap) and a fun hat and we were done. It was fantastic to be able to wear him around with the big kids while trick or treating.