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Coolest Homemade Baby Costume: Merry Minion Mischief

How I made my Minion’s costume:

You will need overalls, a hat, yellow shirt or Onesie, pipe cleaners, white & black construction paper, black socks, and a hot glue gun! P.S. Don’t forget your Minion! Mine happened to be my own baby boy.

Step 1. Purchasing our costume items! Hat, socks, and pipe cleaners are all purchased from Walmart.

Step 2. Digging around my son’s closet for overall’s which are size 3 months, he is currently 7 months old! Haahaa, and also his onesie which I found in his closet as well.

Step 3. After having all the items, I began creating the goggles to put on his hat, I shaped my pipe cleaners into what I thought goggles were shaped like, took our construction paper and made eye’s to put in the goggles and I went to town using the glue gun!

Step 4. Creating the Gru sign, poppa Mminion helped me with that, using good old white construction paper he drew out what he believed the GRU signed looked like, ha! He gets a A for effort :)

Step 5. Its Minion time !

Nemar, my Minion boy had no care for his costume until it was finished, which was FUNNIEST part and we were coming into his daycare and someone shouted IT’S A MINION! He began jumping in my arms and smiling so big, he loved the attention he got and it made me feel awesome to know I created that costume,his first Halloween costume. BTW and I NAILED IT, that was the BEST feeling. I love being a mom, and I love Minions! My boy happens to be one of the cutest minions I ever saw.


Coolest Homemade Baby Costume: Merry Minion Mischief

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