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Coolest Homemade Astronaut Halloween Costume Idea

My sister and I made this Homemade Astronaut Halloween Costume Idea for my son. All he wanted to be was an astronaut for Halloween. We stated with a basic white two piece pattern for the suit with actual NASA patch all over. The helmet is made of two salad bowls glued together with silver fabric lining the face cut out and the neck to cover the sharp edges.

The air tanks are 2 oatmeal containers with A LOT of white duct tape around them. Also more patches on the back. Two air hoses are glued to the helmet and inserted in the top of the “tanks”. His boots are old snow boots wrapped in more white duct tape. White gloves finished the costume.

The applying of duct tape to the tank was the most time consuming part of the costume. If you can’t sew a white sweat suit would work just as well. This costume was a hit at school and around town.

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