Coolest Homemade Anglerfish Costume

MATERIALS NEEDED for this homemade anglerfish costume:

* Mesh framing wire
* Poster board ($2)
* Tan fabric (I used a flat sheet from WalMart) ($2)
* Brown felt for fins ($0.50)
* Black felt for eyes and mouth ($0.10)
* White felt for teeth ($0.50)
* Computer keyboard detachable light (bendable)
* Black t-shirt & pants
* Hot glue

We did an “undersea” theme for our costumes in 2009. My sister was the anglerfish. This was a tougher costume to put together but it was so worth it!

I started by creating a wire frame that fit around her body. I then covered the frame with white poster board. Using packing tape, I was able to mold it to the frame pretty well. I then covered the body with tan fabric, leaving a hole at the top and bottom for her to climb into. I used hot glue to attach the fabric to the poster board and attach the fins. I cut out black felt circles for the eyes and a big black felt mouth, also hot glued into place.

For the teeth, I cut long jagged strips of white felt and glued them on about ½ way up their length. That way, the teeth didn’t stick to the body – instead, they poked out a little and looked very cool.

The bendable neck LED light was attached to the head by cutting a hole the size of the light’s neck, wrapping the neck in the fabric, and taping it into the frame. She was able to activate the light for the fish’s “lure” and it looked great!

She wore a black shirt and pants. We placed the entire fish over her head and she put her arms through slits cut on the sides. I padded the frame so the wire didn’t cut into her shoulders. It ended up being pretty comfortable for her to walk in all night.

We made a total find in that anglerfish puppet! We came across is unexpectedly at a thrift store. It was hilarious! This homemade anglerfish costume turned out amazingly well and got lots of compliments.

TOTAL TIME: 5 hours