Coolest Homemade Angler Fish Halloween Costume

My Homemade Angler Fish Halloween Costume was a real party pleaser!

I used some foam from a couch cushion and carved it out to make the body of the Angler. I then made the additional pieces like the eyes, the fins, the esca (or lure-like antenna), and the lower jaw. The teeth are styled from felted fabric that I wired in. I gave it a base coat with black and army green spray paint, and filled the rest in with acrylics. Just for fun, the eyes had little red plastic jewels in them.

I honestly didn’t know what I was doing when I began, but the foam practically molded itself once I got started. It took several worthwhile hours to complete.

Note: the pictures were taken by a friend at a party, so I used the best ones I could find to show off the costume. My vicious faces were an attempt to take on the role of the foreboding Angler.

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