Coolest Homemade Angler Fish Costume

I loved the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ and came up with the idea to make an Homemade Angler Fish Costume this year.

I started with a chickwire frame. As you can see, it came out better than I expected. Over the wire I put duct tape to help keep the shape. I then put paper mache over the tape. For the fins and tail, I decided to use foam so I wouldn’t injure anyone I could not see who was walking behind me.

I put masking tape over the foam so that, when I painted it with Hammered spray paint, the texture would match.(I didn’t realize the spray paint would dry out the masking tape, causing it to lift off the foam in some areas, which was a bummer).

I then used different size zip ties to make the teeth look scary but flexible enough for me to put my arms in and out the mouth. I used punching balloons for the eyes and put a glow stick inside a balloon at the end of a dangly strap to make it light up.It was a lot of fun and easy to move around. A happy time was had by all!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Angler Fish Costume”

  1. Hey, Great work and extremely original. If you live anywhere near Vegas or Reno you should save it til next Halloween and take first prize at a couple contests.

    Jabba the Hutt (can be found here soon)

  2. Awesome fish! How did you strap it on? I’m making one for my son but can’t quite figure out how to stabilize it on his shoulders so his hands can be free to hold his candy bag.

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