Cool Homemade Alien Abduction Halloween Costume

I got my homemade alien abduction Halloween costume idea for my son’s costume from this site! I took a backpack & put a rectangular box in it & duct taped it so it would stay put. I wrapped some bubble wrap around the box to add a little bulk. Then I put a jacket over top of that & stuffed the arms with bubble wrap to make them look real.

I made a paper mache head (simple balloon one!). I painted it citron green & painted huge black eyes. I also added 3 coats of glow-in-the-dark paint so it will glow when he’s trick or treating. I enlarged the hole in the bottom of the head & used a paper towel tube to connect the head to a hole in the top of the box. Then I taped them really good with duct tape.

I draped cheap black fabric over the whole thing and cut out for its head & the center where my son comes through.

I stuffed an old pair of nylons with fiber fill and put them in a pair of his old pants and added socks. I sewed these to the opening and sewed them to the hands. I also sewed the hands together.

Then I took an old t-shirt & cut it down the back. I added a button to the back so it would stay together when pulled up. I sewed the bottom to the pants so when it’s pulled up and buttoned it covers up the straps to the backpack. And that’s pretty much it!

As anyone can tell from my son’s face, he loves it!