Coolest Homemade Adult Beetlejuice Costume

It was 2010 and I hadn’t seen a quality Beetlejuice costume in while, so I went to my stash of old costumes and grabbed a blonde Surfer Dude wig. I used spirit gum to glue it to a bald cap about halfway back.

The coat is just a white thrift store sport coat striped with black duct tape. The pants are black nylon track pants striped with white duct tape. For shoes I borrowed a pair of OAKLEY combat boots and bloused the pants into them. The shirt is a plain white dress button down and a plain black tie.

I used white clown make-up for the face and forehead and outlined with the black grease pencil that came with the standard halloween make-up kit. A tube of green made up the mold on the sides of my face.

While walking with my kids around the neighborhood we found this great house all decorated, perfect for a quick themed photo. It made for the Coolest Beetlejuice Costume ever!