Coolest Herobrine Costume

The trick to making this costume for under $2 was to plan ahead. My son knew he wanted to be a minecraft character for Halloween because this year he has been crazy about the game so it was easy to choose a costume. We knew back in June that we wanted to do a Herobrine costume so I started saving up boxes that came in the mail that seemed to be the right size and shape for what I was going for.

I order gifts and stuff online throughout the year so I keep an eye out for the right size box for his head and when it arrived I went to the store and bought the acrylic paints (in these colors: khaki, melted chocolate, running stream, and blush) for $0.50 each plus I had a store coupon that gave me 20% off any purchase.

I started painting the head to match the character’s colors and when I received a box big enough for his body I cut holes on the side for his arms to fit through, painted it in the blue color (running stream), left the back of it open so he could get in and out of the costume.

The arms are made of another box that was the length of his arms and I just cut it in half so they would be equally sized for each of his arms. He wore his own jeans, and for the inside of the head since we wanted it to fit snug and not slide to the sides, I had him put the head on and then I cut a hole for him to see out of and I glued some scrap pieces of cardboard and foam in the spaces between his head and the box. I had those scraps leftover from around the house. So the only thing I paid for was the paint.

The whole thing only took a weekend to make once I had the materials on hand.