The makeup for this Hellboy and Wife couple costume took 5 hours but well worth it.

First I painted my black boyfriend red with theater paint and then took a latex caveman mask, cut off pieces and glued them to his head. The horns are made out of wood painted red. I then took cotton balls and placed them under the horns and painted latex on top so it looked like it was really attached. Hair was spirit glued. He wore leather paints with a long red leather tail I made. The Hellboy arm had to ordered and he made his gun himself from a web sight he found.

The funniest part was painting his nostrils and ears red and then having to wash it all out. Also, there was red all over our apartment, all in our car and all over our friends house. Thank goodness it washed right out.

He is 6ft 7in tall and people were in awe. Still the best costume ever. We really should have gone to a club where prizes were given out because he could have won them all!

I was painted red as well.