Coolest Headles Clown Costume

This is a headless clown costume I thought up about a couple of months before Halloween 2008. Originally it was to be a large inflated fat suit with the clown mask, but I couldn’t find a fan to keep the costume inflated well enough yet fit in my budget, or a fat costume in my budget either.

I have to give a lot of credit to my grandmother and her excellent sewing skills. Without her this would still be a drawing on paper. She made what you can see (the outer costume with the stripes) from scratch. There is a Styrofoam shoulder piece that I cut out and sanded down. I used part of a fake leg to form the severed neck. I used those puffy sponges (Loofas?) for the Pom Poms.

There is a strip of scrap plywood that was crazy duct taped to me. I had 3 strips around my chest and stomach area( the problem was that I still needed to breathe so it couldn’t be too tight and it was taped to a shirt I was wearing). There were strips making an X on my back. They were anchored over my shoulders, crossed each other over the wood strip and wrapped around my waist. It was just as hard to get off as it was to get on!

This costume caused quite the scare in my neighborhood. Everyone was either running, crying, or both. It was great. I just wish I had gotten some clown shoes before Halloween night but the costume wasn’t ready till the Wed. right before Halloween.

Total cost was around $30-40